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UV Exposure
Aging Skin and Mature Skin
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Choices and Needs

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Core Principles of Effective Skin Care and Treatment

Any skin care management and treatment protocol must satisfy a number of criteria if it is to offer the potential for a therapeutic and desirable outcome.

Putting it another way, regimens of skin care which do not pass these basic standards offer only limited and temporary, cosmetic changes in skin's appearance, and over time encourage and secure the overall permanent deterioration commonly referred to as premature skin aging.

Core Principles of Effective Skin Care and Treatment

Managed proactively and with a preference for sound formulas grounded in reality, the skin need not age considerably beyond the age of 25.

Effective Skin Care Criteria

Any skin care management and treatment protocol must provide:

  1. A means of regularly and non-abrasively removing the useless dead skin cells and wastes which are at the root of many everyday skin complaints. Get rid of compacted dead cells the right way and watch your skin start to thrive. Just as regularly mowing a lawn helps prevent irregular grass growth (coarse texture, wrinkles), colour (hyperpigmentation, freckles, age spots), uneven wetting (dry skin, oily skin) and weeds (open pores, blackheads, acne), appropriate, effective exfoliation and cleansing are the opening tenets of all meaningful skin maintenance, treatment or rejuvenation protocols.

  2. A means of enhancing the skin's declined functions, if any. By the time most people seek treatment, they will require skin firming, immunity re-building or otherwise stimulating topicals to help revert their skin to more youthful behaviour. Women now also have the option of topical skin care which replaces declining levels of female hormones.

  3. A means of protecting the skin's functions which are presently trouble-free, and protecting the progress and health of those which are being rebuilt. This refers in the first instance to antioxidant and true broad spectrum sunscreen usage at all times of the year during the day, but also to the avoidance of skin care products not derived from an understanding of cellular functioning. The body seeks to eliminate non-native ingredients because they are at odds with its chemisty and this process is associated with aging and allergic reactions, be they outwardly visible or not.

  4. Twice daily maintenance. Just like brushing teeth only once a day still leads to cavities, skin care and treatment protocols which are haphazardly followed produce extremely limited results. In fact, some anti-aging and skin resurfacing programs will produce adverse results if not followed correctly.

All four elements must be used in concert.

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