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Decleor is not recommended — subclinical irritation from the basic skincare is common and products to prevent and treat photoaging are barely of any use in theory, let alone practice.

The product collection is massive and replete with duplication and general redundancy.

Although touted as being the most natural skincare, Decleor products are generally heavily preserved and adulterated by fragrance and colouring.

Decleor appears to derive much of its purported benefit from its aromatic hydrocarbons.

Unsurprisingly, Decleor skin care users are instructed to breathe deeply, however scent does not correlate with direct, positive effects on the skin any more than chiral or oxygen skin care provide benefit.

Aromatherapy is of primarily psychological benefit — skin benefits, if any and parasympathetically-derived, are not sustainable.

Products released since the sale of the Decleor trademark to Japanese Shisheido appear to have even less therapeutic potential than older products.

Although similar to Darphin, the volatile and aromatic component of the skincare is greater and more readily released, and Decleor omits concentrated use of the few botanical extracts which appear to have the greatest potential.

Ultimately, Decleor appears to be a toy of beauty therapy and a skin-challenging implementation of aromatherapy.

Heavy users of Decleor skin care typically delude themselves about the benefits of their skin care, yet none have uncharacteristically firm and elastic skins.

The likelihood that any heavily, financially or ideologically invested user of Decleor skin care will avoid skin care failure to any meaningful extent is practically nil.

Decleor Skin Care/Product References

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  • Decleor Promotional Blurb

    These days, its important to think about what goes into your skin. After all, its long-term well-being and your beauty depend on it.

    Decleor Skin Care provides you with a comprehensive beauty approach, steeped in naturalness, modernity and generosity. Importantly, Decleor's quality is second to none and no animal testing has ever been performed.

    Decleor Aromessences™ are:

    The Concentrated Decleor Aromessence ™ suited to you complexion will be a synergy of non-greasy essences immediately absorbed by the skin.

    It will cleanse and balance the epidermis deep down while priming it for further treatment with an emulsion, cream, gel, lotion or foam.

    Filled with active agents, Decleor Paris Essential Oils are made up of hundreds of molecules that act in synergy.

    These very powerful concentrates require a specialist's know-how in order to guarantee quality, ranging from the choice of the botanical species to ensuring the absolute purity of the essential oil, with all its molecules preserved.

    Morning and night, apply 2 drops of your Decleor Aromessence ™ over a perfectly cleansed face, pressing in with fingertips and finishing with light sweeping strokes.

    Follow with an appropriate Decleor skincare emulsion, cream, gel, lotion or foam.

    Review the Decleor Aromessences ™ and find out which one is best suited to your individual skin.

    Any Decleor Aromatherapy Skin Care may be combined with Decleor Hydra Floral, the extreme skin moisturizing treatment with phyto-aromatic sources. This ultra-light cream displays even greater effectiveness when two drops of Decleor Aromessence Visage Neroli are applied immediately beforehand.

    For further information, watch the Decleor Flash Presentation on Aromatherapy.

    Decleor Skin Care Product Overview

    Saturday, 4 June 2005

    Decleor Cleansers and Toners

    When skin is beautifully clean, it is receptive to subsequent treatment.

    The right kind of skin cleansing care is essential from the beginning of your beauty routine.

    Your skin needs to be appropriately purified, allowing it to breathe and relax.

    Formulated with essential water, the Decleor Cleansers utilize very gentle cleansing agents. They are suited to all skin types, even the most sensitive.

    Decleor Lotion Douce

    Gently removes eye make-up

    Decleor Foaming Cleanser

    For all skin types, a gentle foam cleanser for use with water.

    Decleor Velvet Cleansing Milk

    For all skin types, removes impurities and protects skin's naturally acidic barrier.

    Decleor Lotion Tonifiante

    For all skin types, a toner to complete cleansing, removing the last traces of impurities and setting skin up for better absorption.

    Decleor Visage Pur

    For normal to combination skin, a non-foaming cream cleanser rinsed with water.

    Decleor Arome Florale

    For all skin types, a refreshing mist to soothe and tone; also sets make-up.

    Decleor Harmonie Douce

    For sensitive skin, a 3-in-1 gel to cleanse, tone and remove make-up.

    Decleor Creme Nutrivital

    For dry skin, a comforting cream cleanser for dry skin; rinsed with water.

    Decleor Cleansing Oil

    For dry skin and heavy make-up removal, a non-greasy emulsion ideal for makeup removal.

    Decleor Lotion Tonique Dermo-Florale

    For all skin types, softens, refreshes, tones while relaxing and stimulating skin.

    Decleor Lotion Regulatrice

    For combination to oily and impure skin, tightens, refines and revives; alcohol-free.

    Sunday, 9 December 2007

    35 Decleor Clinical Procedures and Topics

    Monday, 16 January 2012

    Decleor Exfoliants and Skin Peels

    Decleor Phytopeel

    Scrubbing isn't the only way to exfoliate the surface of the skin. Decleor's Phytopeel is a pearl-coloured and smooth-textured cream, containing absorbant clay, which deep cleanses and smoothes your skin.

    This ultra-gentle Decleor product allows your skin to regain radiance and an improved texture. Suitable for the driest and most sensitive of skin.

    Decleor Pureté Exfoliante

    This exfoliating face gel contains a talc of apricot micro-particles which are so tiny that they are barely visible.

    The benefit of this unique skin peel is that its particles are able to act extremely precisely to loosen all the expired skin cells to leave your skin soft, smooth and refined.

    Decleor's Pureté Exfoliante is of great assistance in clearing visibly open pores.

    Wednesday, 19 October 2016 — The preferred regular home treatment for visibly open pores is now available online. Visit the page for MD Rx Melbourne Dermatology Open Pores Overnight Solution for information.

    Saturday, 4 June 2005

    Decleor Facial Masks

    We all need to bathe our skin in high levels of active ingredients. Decleor Facial Masks allow your skin to do some catching up, restoring a facial-fresh feel.

    Up to three times a week, leave an appropriate Decleor Facial Mask to act for 10 to 15 minutes.

    Exfoliating beforehand with Decleor Phytopeel or Decleor Purete Exfoliant is essential to making the most of the active ingredients you'll then present your skin with for treatment.

    Decleor Vitaroma Mask and Decleor Hydravital Mask are able to be left on for 20 minutes with any remaining mask massaged in gently and left to act overnight.

    Decleor Film Regulateur Facial Mask

    A peel off mask to lift impurities for combination to oily skin

    Decleor Vitaroma Facial Mask

    An anti-aging and refreshing mask.

    Decleor Hydravital Facial Mask

    A gel-mask to provide deeper and long lasting skin hydration.

    Decleor Masque à l'Argile et aux Herbes Facial Mask

    Lightly purifying and softening beauty mask for all skin types with no significant problems.

    Saturday, 4 June 2005

    Decleor Aromessences for Day and Night

    Decleor Aromessences™ boost the performance of subsequently applied care while providing you with the calming benefits of the finest aromatherapy.

    Decleor Aromessences™ are 100% pure, 100% natural and 100% active.

    With Decleor Aromessences™, be minimalist and delicate before applying your Decleor Moisturizer for Day.

    At night, be generous and tactile with the Decleor Aromessence Night Balms.

    Completely relaxing, and perfect for an extended facial massage, they're an ideal way to prepare for sleep.

    Decleor Aromatherapy Skin Treatment Summary

    Simply choose the Decleor Aromessence™ which corresponds to your most immediate concern and apply immediately before your Decleor Day Cream, Decleor Night Cream or Night Skin Care Balm to form a Decleor Duo Beauty Booster.

    Decleor Aromessences

    Decleor Aromessence™ for Mature Skincare

    Decleor Iris is anti-aging, stimulating, improves elasticity and reduces dryness.

    Decleor Aromessence™ for Sensitive Skincare

    Decleor Rose d'Orient is a de-sensitizing, highly soothing, healing a restoring skin booster treatment.

    Decleor Aromessence™ for Normal Skincare

    Decleor Neroli provides skin highlighting, normalzing, balancing, draining and brightening treatment effects.

    Decleor Aromessence™ for Oily or Combination Skincare

    Decleor Ylang Ylang rebalances secretions, deep-purifies and brightens problem skins.

    Decleor Aromessence™ for Dry and/or Dehydrated Skincare

    Decleor Angelique rehydrates, replacing lipid (natural oil) deficiencies and quickly restores the skin's softness.

    Decleor Aromessence™ for Complexion Whitening and Brightening Skincare

    Decleor Whitening stimulates, brightens, whitens, highlights and boosts translucency and is recommended for the treatment of hyperpigmentation, including freckles, along with the other relevant Decleor Whitening Skin Care Products.

    Monday, 16 January 2012

    Decleor Morning Moisturizers

    After using the Decleor Aromessences suited to your concerns, follow with a Decleor phytotherapy skin moisturizer treatment to provide environmental protection, radiance and a base for makeup.

    Decleor Instant Beauty Booster Firming Skincare

    A beauty flash treatment for all skin types. Dispels tiredness instantly and lays an invisible firming veil.

    Decleor Harmonie Jour Sensitive Skincare

    A soothing anti-redness day cream for sensitive skin which provides a soothing, calming, highly protective treatment effect.

    Decleor Harmonie Emulsion (previously Harmonie Essentielle) Sensitive Skincare

    An ultra-soothing cream for sensitive skin for soothing, relaxing, skin-strengthening and balancing treatment.

    Creme Hydra Floral Comfort Cream Moisturizing Skincare

    For all skin types this is a gentle, light, drip-feed moisturizer.

    Decleor Emulsion Hydra Floral Moisturizing Skincare

    For all skin types prone to shine or for those who prefer a lighter texture, this is a super-light drip-feed moisturizer.

    Decleor Nutri-Delice Dry Skincare

    For dry or very dry skin in need of moisture & protection.

    Decleor Cream Vitarome Very Dry Skincare

    An extremely nourishing face cream for very dry and extremely dehydrated skin in need of extra oils.

    Decleor Vitalité Firming Skincare

    A nourishing and firming face cream for unfirm skin to energize, boost and improve skin's support.

    Decleor Vitaroma Resourcing Total Lift Mature Skincare

    For mature skin, this formula rebalances, nourishes, lightly moisturizes and helps clear surface imperfections.

    Decleor Fluide Hydra-Matte for Oily and Shiny Skin Treatment

    A oil-flow regulating fluid for combination and oily skin designed to absorb excess sebum throughout the day

    Decleor T-Zone Regulating Gel for Shiny T-Zone

    For "T-Zone" control: prevents blemishes while leaving the skin matte and flat. Assists in clearing blackheads and open pores.

    Wednesday, 19 October 2016 — The preferred regular home treatment for visibly open pores is now available online. Visit the page for MD Rx Melbourne Dermatology Open Pores Overnight Solution for information.

    Decleor SOS Regulating Gel for Acne and Breakout

    Purifies spots and clogged pores.

    Decleor Skin Whitening Day Cream for Hyperpigmentation

    For skin darkened by pigmentation spots and freckles. Protects against UV rays, lightens and clears.

    Decleor Skin Whitening Emulsion for Hyperpigmentation

    Lightens skin's color, provides a translucent & matte effect better suited to oilier skin types.

    Decleor Moisturizers Suited to Simultaneous Day and Night Use

    The following Decleor Skin Care Products are able to be used in the evening as well as during the day for protection:

    Decleor Harmonie Essentielle - sensitive skin

    Decleor Cream or Eecleor Emulsion Hydra-Floral - all skin types

    Decleor Nutri-Delice - dry skin

    Decleor Cream Vitarome - very dry skin

    Decleor Vitalité - unfirm skin

    Decleor Vitaroma - mature skin

    See the section on Decleor Anti-Aging Night Repair Skin Care for appropriate evening care to take advantage of your skin's natural period of repose.

    • A few times a week, alternate your night care and benefit from the intensive aromatherapy skin treatment effect of a Decleor Aromessence Night Balm.

    All skin types will also benefit from regular application of a suitable Decleor Facial Mask.

    Saturday, 4 June 2005

    Decleor Evening Moisturizers

    The best way to improve your skin is at night.

    During the day, protect the advances you make from a nights' sleep and restorative care using Decleor Aromessences and Decleor Moisturizers.

    In the evening these Decleor skin care solutions will take advantage of your skin's repose and receptivity to in-depth treatment.

    Always apply these skin care products after using the Decleor Aromessence suited to your concern.

    Decleor Harmonie Emulsion - Ultra-Soothing Sensitive Skincare

    Relaxes, calms and recharges the reserves of delicate skin.

    Decleor Gel Prolagène - Firming/Restructuring/Healing Gel Skincare

    Ufirm or damaged skin benefits most from this deep-acting skin-restructurer, easily added to any program for scars, wrinkles, acne or a desire for more firming and refinement.

    Decleor Vitaroma - Mature Skincare Treatment

    Rebalances, nourishes, lightly moisturizes and helps clear surface imperfections.

    Decleor Vitalité - Firming Skincare Treatment

    Unfirm, weakened skin will become energized as its own support structure improves.

    Decleor Skin Whitening Night Cream - Hyperpigmentation Treatment

    Treats pigmentation, lightens, moisturizes, adds tone and elasticity.

    Decleor Skin Whitening Powder Complex - Hyperpigmentation Treatment

    An intensive skin-lightener for a dramatic translucency boost. Use before the Decleor Whitening Night Cream in a cure of 3-6 ampoules.

    A few times a week you can also benefit from the variety of an intensive aromatherapy skin treatment effect provided by the Decleor Aromessence Night Balms.

    You can also benefit from the weekly use of a suitable Decleor Facial Mask.

    Thursday, 2 September 2004

    Decleor Neck Re-Firming Treatment

    The neck is highly revealing of our age, but its nearly always forgotten.

    Decleor Neck Gel (Decleor Gelée Raffermissante) is specially designed to protect the delicate female neck and chest area.

    Decleor Neck Gel provides a slight immediate firming, lifting effect with an invisible, light tightening effect which extends day-long.

    This Decleor product's firming effect builds up over time and establishes itself as a more permanent feature of your look.

    Twenty-eight days' treatment for skin which is more taut, firmer and toned.

    Absorbed in a flash, dress immediately after.

    Thursday, 2 September 2004

    Decleor Eye Creams and Gels

    Along with Decleor Skin Care for the neck, the Decleor Eye and Lip Contour Skin Care Treatments are essential to the overall maintenance of those delicate features on which some much attention is focused.

    These Decleor products should always be incorporated as part of any anti-aging skin treatment regimen.

    Decleor Eye Serum - Decleor Serum Hydrotenseur

    An anti-aging, firming and intensively smoothing eye serum for use alone, or under eye creams.

    Decleor Eye Cream - Decleor Film Precieux

    An anti-aging, smoothing eye cream with a skin de-sensitizing effect.

    Decleor Eye Mask - Decleor Masque Contour

    A relaxing, soothing and decongesting eye mask. Able to be used overnight

    Decleor Eye Gel - Decleor Gel Alentour

    Acts against puffiness and slight dark circles.

    Sunday, 9 August 2009

    Decleor Aromessences for Evening Use

    At night, be generous and tactile with the Decleor Aromessence Night Balms™.

    Completely relaxing, and perfect for an extended facial massage, they're an ideal way to prepare for sleep.

    Decleor Aromatherapy Treatment Summary for Night Care

    Simply choose the Decleor Aromessence Night Balm™ which corresponds to your most immediate concern and apply after your Decleor Aromessence™ to form a Decleor Duo Beauty Booster.

    Decleor Aromessence Night Balm™ for Mature Skincare

    Decleor Iris Skin Balm is a good source of vitamins and has a soothing, healing, skin aging-preventative effect.

    Decleor Aromessence Night Balm™ for Sensitive Skincare

    Decleor Rose d'Orient Skin Balm is extremely soothing, healing and protective.

    Decleor Aromessence Night Balm™ for Normal Skincare

    Decleor Baume Essentiel Skin Balm is purifying, softening and healing. May also be used to strengthen nails and cuticles.

    Decleor Aromessence Night Balm™ for Combination or Oily Skincare

    Decleor Ylang Ylang Skin Balm is brightening, purifying and dissolves blemishes.

    Decleor Aromessence Night Balm™ for Dry and/or Dehydrated Skincare

    Decleor Angelique Skin Balm rehydrates, replacing lipid deficiencies, restoring the complexion's softness.

    Saturday, 4 June 2005

    Decleor Vitaroma Anti-Aging Skin Care

    Decleor Vitaroma is an advanced phyto-aromatic range of skincare formulas containing naturally encapsulated Retinol from algae and acacia.

    Aromatherapists, doctors and scientists from the Decleor Research Laboratories have placed their signature on two new powerful and innovative natural treatments.

    Combining an advanced phyto-aromatic formula with naturally encapsulated Retinol, Decleor Vitaroma Skin Care Products target and keeps away the first signs of aging skin at the source.

    Decleor Skin Resourcing and Reinforcement with Vitaroma:

    • protect against environmental damage and ward against premature skin aging;
    • smooth away fine lines and wrinkles;
    • help re-define the oval and contours of the face;
    • provide yourself with comfortable and impressive levels of epidermal hydration;
    • energize, balance and revitalize your skin, no matter its oil-level.

    Decleor Vitaroma: An Introduction

    Decléor’s New Vitaroma Re-Sourcing Emulsion Contour and Wrinkle Lift is a powerful combination of an advanced phyto-aromatic skincare formula enhanced with Bio-Retinol capsules to give your skin what it needs to naturally smooth away wrinkles and fine lines.

    It is essential to use this advanced treatment only after priming the skin in-depth with a suitable Decleor Aromessence.

    In the evening, Vitaroma helps resurface skin and dislodge dulling, keratinized skin cells to boost your complexion's radiance, translucency and firmness. Decleor Vitaroma may also help with minor hyperpigmentation cases.

    Morning and evening, the Decleor Vitaroma Contouring Eye-Lift provides both the preventative and restorative care you need to meaningfully freshen up the look of your eyes.

    Decleor Vitaroma: Who Is It For?

    This skincare treatment may be used by any skin type. To further customize your skin's treatment, apply a suitable Decleor Aromessence immediately beforehand with light sweeping motions or a digitopressure facial masage.

    Decleor Vitaroma provides Maximum Anti-Aging Protection of your skin, over the age of 25, delivering:

    • protection against UV rays;
    • protection against internal and external aggressors;
    • Control of fine lines and deeper wrinkles;
    • Delicate firmness;
    • Excellent preventative care of delicate zones (eye contour and lip contour, the "gifts of youth");
    • Skin which appears to have more energy;
    • More comfortable, soothed and repaired skin.

    Decleor Vitaroma: Summary of Benefits

    Vitaroma works with a Decleor Aromessence.

    Decleor Vitaroma can also be integrated with other Decleor Moisturizers for more specific skin treatment procuring more beautiful results.

    Skin Care Effects to be expected:

    • Hydration of Dry Skin / Balancing of Oily Skin in-depth;
    • Improvement in the grain of the skin;
    • Increased skin translucency;
    • A controlling and minimizing effect on fine lines and deep wrinkles;
    • Deep skin repair and revitalization;
    • Extended make-up wear;
    • Restoration of skin firmness over extended usage;
    • Excellent eye and lip contour gains in firmness and definition;
    • Elimination of minor excess pigment

    Decleor Skin Care Usage - How to Use Vitaroma

    Decleor Beauty Treatment Step 1

    Vitaroma is always used immediately after the application of a Decleor Aromessence to prime the skin layers, tackle specific concerns and ensure your skin can make the most of the skin treatment's active ingredients.

    Just a few drops of a non-greasy 100% natural Decleor Aromessence is all it takes to boost the effectiveness of subsequently applied care.

    Normal to Dry Skins: use Decleor Aromessence Iris

    Normal to Sensitive Skins: use Decleor Aromessence Visage Néroli

    Extremely Sensitive or Vulnerable Skins: use Decleor Aromessence Visage Rose d’Orient

    Combination or Oily Skins: use Decleor Aromessence Visage Ylang Ylang

    Dulled, Darkened or Excessively Pigmented Skins: use Decleor Aromessence Visage Whitening

    Decleor Beauty Treatment Step 2

    Vitaroma Resourcing Emulsion (face) is used predominantly during the day. Another Decleor Anti-Aging Night Moisturizer or Decleor Aromessence Night Balm (particularly Decleor Aromessence Night Balm™ "Iris") may be used to reach a broader spectrum of treatment effects.

    This way you achieve improvements in many aspects of your skin for an overall better result, especially with regard to skin brightness, smoothness and firmness.

    However, you can use Decleor Vitaroma Resourcing Emulsion both day and night if desired.

    During the day, Vitaroma Resourcing Emulsion (face) is used either alone with a Decleor Aromessence , or applied first before your existing Decleor Moisturizer treatment for a tailored effect.

    Decleor Beauty Treatment Step 3 - The Final Beauty Touch

    Vitaroma Contouring Eye Lift (for eye and lip contour) is used both day and night and constitutes an important part of any anti-age program given that the signs of age appear around the eyes and lips first.

    Saturday, 7 October 2006

    Decleor — Expérience de L'Âge Anti-Aging Skin Care

    Thursday, 2 September 2004

    Decleor Anti-Aging: Vitaroma & Soin Du Temps Skincare Guide

    Beauty Treatment Desire: Maximum Anti-Aging Protection for your skin, over the age of 25
    Morning Skincare (Face) Decleor Aromessence* + Decleor Vitaroma Re-Sourcing Emulsion Contour & Wrinkle Lift
    Morning Skincare

    (Eye and Lip Contour)

    Decleor Vitaroma Re-Sourcing Contouring Eye Lift
    Evening Skincare (Face) Decleor Aromessence* + Decleor Harmonie Essentielle
    Evening Skincare

    (Eye and Lip Contour)

    Decleor Vitaroma Re-Sourcing Contouring Eye Lift
    Beauty Treatment Desire: Maximum Retexturization and improved translucency
    Morning Skincare(Face) Decleor Aromessence Visage Whitening + Decleor Vitaroma Re-Sourcing Emulsion Contour & Wrinkle Lift
    Evening Skincare (Face) Decleor Serum Soin du Temps + Decleor Crème Soin du Temps
    Beauty Treatment Desire: Control of fine lines and deeper wrinkles
    Morning Skincare (Face) Decleor Aromessence* + Decleor Vitaroma Re-Sourcing Emulsion Contour & Wrinkle Lift
    Morning Skincare

    (Eye/Lip Contour)

    Decleor Vitaroma Re-Sourcing Contouring Eye Lift
    Evening Skincare(Face) Decleor Soin du Temps Serum + Decleor Crème Soin du Temps
    Evening Skincare

    (Eye/Lip Contour)

    Decleor Vitaroma Re-Sourcing Contouring Eye Lift
    Weekly Skincare Decleor Masque Soin du Temps
    Beauty Treatment Desire: Profound Repair and revitalization
    Morning Skincare (Face) Decleor Serum Soin du Temps + Decleor Vitaroma Re-Sourcing Emulsion Contour & Wrinkle Lift
    Evening Skincare (Face) Decleor Serum Soin du Temps + Crème Soin du Temps
    Weekly Skincare Decleor Masque Soin du Temps
    Beauty Treatment Desire: Relief from dehydration with complete anti-aging benefits
    Morning Skincare (Face) Decleor Aromessence Concentré Stimulant + Decleor Vitaroma Re-Sourcing Emulsion Contour & Wrinkle Lift
    Evening Skincare (Face) Decleor Aromessence Concentré Stimulant + Decleor Baume Aromatique Soin du Temps
    Weekly Skincare Decleor Masque Soin du Temps
    Beauty Treatment Desire: Relief from dehydration with added firmness
    Morning Skincare (Face) Decleor Aromessence Concentré Stimulant + Decleor Vitaroma Re-Sourcing Emulsion Contour & Wrinkle Lift
    Evening Skincare (Face) Decleor Serum Soin du Temps + Vitalité
    Beauty Treatment Desire: Immediate Superb firmness and extended makeup wear
    Morning Skincare (Face) Decleor Aromessence* + Decleor Re-Sourcing Emulsion Contour & Wrinkle Lift + Decleor Instant de Beauté
    Beauty Treatment Desire: Restoration of skin firmness over the longer term
    Morning Skincare (Face) Decleor Aromessence* + Decleor Re-Sourcing Emulsion Contour & Wrinkle Lift + Decleor Instant de Beauté
    Evening Skincare (Face) Decleor Serum Soin du Temps + Decleor Vitalité
    Beauty Treatment Desire: Superb Eye contour firmess and revitalization
    Morning Skincare

    (Eye/Lip Contour)

    Decleor Serum Hydrotenseur + Decleor Vitaroma Re-Sourcing Contouring Eye Lift
    Evening Skincare

    (Eye/Lip Contour)

    Decleor Vitaroma Re-Sourcing Contouring Eye Lift
    Weekly Skincare Decleor Masque Contour
    Beauty Treatment Desire: Elimination of excess pigmentation
      Decleor Whitening Powder Complex in a course of 1-2 sets of ampules
      Decleor Serum Soin du Temps
    Beauty Treatment Desire: Body Anti-aging and improved firmness
      Decleor Aromessence Tonilastil + Decleor Système Corps

    Saturday, 4 June 2005

    Decleor Paris Spa Relax Body Skin Treatment

    Decleor Aromessence Spa Relax (Decleor Concentré Relaxant): An invitation to experience the essence of spa body skin treatment at home.

    Decleor Spa Relax is a 100% natural relaxing concentrate for your body's sensual well-being.

    Escape, Relax, allow yourself to be nurtured by the soothing, relaxing sensations created by the olfactory power of exotic essences.

    Profound relaxation can be yours each morning or evening, in fact anytime of the day.

    Wednesday, 29 March 2006

    Decleor Paris Beauty Guidebook

    Decleor is the exclusive Aromatherapy skin care line from Europe.

    Created in Paris in 1974, Decleor is now recognized worldwide as the most comprehensive and effective range of Aromatherapy Face and Body Treatments.

    For over 20 years, essential oils with their many beneficial properties (aromatherapy) have been the basis of the Decleor product range.

    The originality and effectiveness of the Decleor formulas are unmatched anywhere else in the world. The astonishing olfactory powers of essential oils are combined with their remarkable cosmetic properties to achieve results with products that are truly a pleasure to use.

    With Decleor you will discover a new approach to beauty that will dramatically increase the results of your care treatment. Let yourself drift through Decleor subtle and beneficial aromas.

    Natural beauty comes from an understanding of how the body works and how the powers of nature can encourage balance and vitality in life.

    Based on Eastern holistic philosophies, Decleor approach to beauty is indeed unique in its combination of the purest, most potent and natural ingredients.

    Decleor has devoted years of intensive research to creating Europe's most comprehensive and effective range of beauty treatments and today is recognized as a leading authority in Aromatherapy skincare.

    You will discover that Decleor is a way of life, providing the very Essence of Contemporary Beauty.

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    Salicylic Acid

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