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Italian Skin Care

Italian Skin Care

Thursday, 19 March 2009




Bakel is one of the most disappointing "cosmeceutical" skin care brands to ever enter the marketplace.

Exhausted or naive beauty product consumers would understandably like the idea of a brand which claims to finally "provide 100% active agents and zero useless ingredients" with the aim of "doing no harm."

On the surface it would seem that Bakel have reached some final solution to skin care, yet like those individuals whom insist on making their own potent cosmeceuticals, they succeed in realising none of their most overt aims.

Moreover Bakel's products are markedly and simultaneously less beneficial and more expensive than those of almost all other brands.

There's a good reason why very small skin care manufacturers are frequently representative of skin care failure — they either don't know, don't care, or can't afford to know what they are doing before their products are sold.

In dermatology, active ingredients are only considered as effective as the bases in which they're formulated.

By removing penetration enhancers and emollients because they have "have no skin benefit whatsoever" Bakel actually reduces any potential benefits of their claimed active ingredients.

Many worthwhile agents will not penetrate to a beneficial extent without the assistance of additional ingredients.

By doggedly avoiding preservatives (most of which are known to be broadly harmless) because they "may ultimately be harmful to the skin" Bakel ensures only relatively insipid formulations are possible despite the superior (light and air-excluding) packaging of their products.

Bakel holds that their products be used for "15 days consecutively" to experience efficiency and perhaps that tells us all we need to know because complete skin renewal does not naturally occur within that period of time.

Bakel is proudly a "completely feminine company" and will no doubt be a temporary hit among beauty therapy circles.

Given the plainly obvious inefficiency of commonplace skin care approaches in general, why do women visit such brands on one another in the name of care?

Perhaps Germaine Greer has some answers...

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Dibi Italy

Dibi Italy

The purest materials, rigorous scientific controls, in-depth effectiveness tests, extraordinary results. These are the qualities of the Dibi products you will find in Dibi Center: a range of cosmetic products for the body and face especially formulated to be used in the Institute, along with Dibi equipment, or at home to respond to your skin’s every need.

A wide range that includes treatments with formulations that are always innovative and pleasing to the touch. Our milks, lotions, emulsion gels, fluids, serums, powders, mousses, masks, creams and wraps are the result of intense and constant work in the Dibi laboratories where the most advanced research methods are employed to ensure reliable, visible and immediate results.

Dibi’s specialty cosmetics conform to strict international standards and are tested at the Dermatology Clinic of the University of Pavia to ensure the highest quality and exceptional reliability. All Dibi products are hypoallergenic, do not contain substances harmful to the environment and are not tested on animals.

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Olos Aromatherapy Italy

Olos Aromatherapy Italy

Olos Aromatherapy Italy

Olos in Greek means whole, global, complete. The holistic way has ancient origins and sees man as one with nature. It considers body and soul, beauty and well-being to be inseparable indivisible parts of a whole.

Olos is a great wisdom, composed of knowledge and also intuition. It is the knowledge of the secrets of nature and the ability to transform this knowledge in cosmetics that are beneficial and effective for the skin.


Territoria gathers from the most charming places of the Earth the essence of Nature and the ancient knowledge of man to transform them into treasures of beauty for the skin. From the depths of the Volcanoes Territoria has gathered the richness of the minerals and the energy of the stones for a new range of products.

Anima di Vulcano

A range of anti-aging specialties based on active Volcanic Minerals for a professional treatment dedicated to the face, eye and lip contour, and hands with the power of lava stones.

Rich formulations, in particular of Malachite and Rhodolite, which reactivate cellular metabolism and redensify the skin, to attenuate wrinkles and give the face a more compact and radiant appearance.


Nutrymenti expresses the art of knowing how to identify and gather certain “foods” from the earth that are right for the skin’s beauty. Fresh, simple and genuine ingredients with cosmetic value. True and proper “beauty foods” that are beneficial to the skin and pleasing to the spirit.

Nettare di zucca

An “intelligent” line of products that performs a selective action on the skin: it moisturizes, reduces shine and contrasts oxidative stress. The line is designed for combination skin with both dry and shiny areas, for example the facial “T” zone (chin, nose and forehead). Facial skin remains perfectly moisturized and protected, softer and firmer. A “matt” effect is immediately visible with more uniform and radiant tones.

Delizia di riso

An indulgent body treatment of absolute well-being. Products that camper the body and envelop it with an irresistible, delicate fragrance. Formulas rich in Rice derivatives, highly emollient and elasticizing, and in the purest Phytoextracts, which promote the microcirculation and stimulate the mobilization of fats. For extremely soft, silky skin and a more slender and compact body.

Virtù di balsamico

A product line to pamper the body with extreme delight. Cosmetic products that leave on the body the sweet fruity fragrance of grapes. The virtues of Balsamic Vinegar encounter the precious elements of wine therapy like the extracts of Grape Seed together with derivatives of Olive Leaves and Vegetal Proteins to purify the skin, deeply regenerating it and preventing its aging.


The other lines are specific to the different needs of the face and body. The lines exclusively use natural ingredients, combined in formulas that take full advantage of their natural effectiveness.

Each line includes professional treatments based on manual methodologies and products for daily treatment.

Frutti di bosco

Pure extracts derived from the finest fruit of the woods are captured in a line of ultra delicate products that provide effective protective and corrective action. It is the natural beauty and well-being treatment for sensitive skin.


Specifically studied for impure, oily, or acne-prone skin. Thanks to the ability of fruit acids to restore equilibrium, the line regulates production of sebum, rids the skin of excessive oils and stimulates cellular renewal mechanisms.


A line rich in precious substances that come from the sea. Metallic elements, mineral salts, vitamins, sugars and proteins effectively combat free radicals and give skin a dash of energy leaving it fresh, young and vital.

Vitamin Plus

For skin that is not so young that needs regenerating, stimulation and smoothing to counteract early aging and diminish visible signs of aging. The line accelerates cellular renewal and encourages a return to softer, younger and more vital skin.


Studied to restore tone, vitality and radiance to skin that may be tired and fatigued due to a change in seasons or particularly stressful moments. The line contains ginseng, gingko biloba and guaraná to stimulate the cellular metabolism and combat the harmful effects of oxidation produced by external agents.


The most important active ingredient is retinol, or vitamin A. Enveloped in cyclodextrins, certain carriers that encourage retinol absorption, it stimulates production of collagen and elastin, and accelerates the cellular metabolism, encouraging oxygenation and release of wastes.

Programma Vitalità

The regenerating properties of glycolic acid are used to give skin an immediately softer, smoother and more radiant look. The line is designed for “run down” skin, or skin with blemishes, lines, scarring or acne marks.


The line uses rich formulas of bud derivatives that are active ingredients extracted from plant shoots at the start of leaf growth. It is rich in substances that stimulate skin functions, help prevent dryness and combat signs of aging.

The Aromatics

Aromatic products for the body that benefit from the extraordinary properties of natural scents and precious active ingredients with moisturizing and nourishing capabilities.

Cellula fresca

The line contains fresh kiwi cells that are extracted directly from the fruit and preserve intact all of their extraordinary toning and moisturizing properties. Synergy with other precious active ingredients restore tissue firmness and give the body’s skin new radiance and energy.


Formulated to bolster the effect of professional treatments. Thanks to their therapeutic properties, they naturally help to correct many imperfections, providing at the same time psychophysical beneficial effects.

La Culla di Olos

Each product in the line is a true and proper multi-sensory universe that unites the exclusive formula with components that are also indispensable to internal harmony, scents, textures and packaging with soft lines.

The Alchimie line is a line of creams that provides the skin softness and comfort with extreme naturalness in its components. Alchimia Purificante, based on herbs and flowers, smoothes the body. Alchimia Relax moisturizes and relaxes the epidermis. Alchimia Vellutante nourishes and softens the epidermis, Alchimia Addolcente eliminates impurities and soothes the skin, Alchimia Riequilibrante provides an enveloping massage and Alchimia Viso Destressante, specific for the face, gives a moisturizing and soothing massage.

Phytoextracts are blends of different essential oils selected on the basis of their effects to exalt and complement the Alchimie products: Tonic brightens the skin and humor; Relax releases tension and restores balance to the epidermis.

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Italian Skin Care Brand Use of Sodium Laureth Sulphate/Sulfate

Interestingly, the shrinking number of non-American owned French and Italian skin care manufacturers (DIBI, OLOS) of which we have catalogued so far do not make such prominent use of sodium laureth sulphate, suggesting their native users do not welcome or require its cleansing character.

If there's time to siesta, there's likely to be time enough to cleanse thoroughly without sodium laureth sulphate!

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