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Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner Discontinued

Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash and Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner have been discontinued within the United States.

While a large number of clinical skin care products are now available to produce very obvious and clinically quantifiable benefit, Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash was the first to target eyelashes and to produce its advertised effects at a rate greater than any other product for any purpose, be it for the skin, hair or nails.

There is unfortunate irony in the situation that has emerged because used as directed Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash has never produced untoward effects, only the benefits described.

Conversely, actual serious harm, poor and negative results attributable to skin care and other products within the "cosmeceutical" category are easy to locate, yet never acted upon by government regulatory bodies such as the US FDA:

  • Endemic injudicious use of exfoliating acids — primarily by beauty therapists and individuals who have sought stronger products but not precise, individual attention and better methods — producing permanent undesirable changes in skin's actual functioning;

  • General availability of potentially effective cosmeceuticals in a manner barely or entirely untuned to positive, lasting effect — generally the result of the internet on skin care, with commercialism of medically validated ingredients by approaches that do not anywhere near replicate clinical use or experience — producing overt harm or permanently lost potential in individuals' skins.

  • Availability of "mock cosmeceuticals" — conventional cosmetics dressed in medical drag, providing the idea of results rather than material results themselves, plainly embodied by Klein Becker's products, perhaps most notably in the metamorphosing and imaginary silver bullet Strivectin, mass-produced but purportedly rare Amatokin and Idebenol which contains no more idebenone than Lux Glamourazzi Shower Gel does citrus oils.

The mock cosmeceutical trend is available in less immediately obvious guises, too: chiral skin care, oxygen skin care, mindless skin care store tips and advice, various skin care forums, and much of Dr. Nicholas Perricone's benefit as realised in its dilute department store implementation.

Bona fide cosmeceuticals such as Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash can be good medical practice, but they do require actual medical practice in their implementation because one size does not fit all.

It is not sensible to attempt changes to the structure of the skin, hair or nails in a manner affecting more than the outermost (and dead) layers — the skin's stratum corneum or the hair's cuticle — without due, objective care divorced from immediate commercial concern.

Perhaps that is the real issue here. End-users at large may be in an unwitting position on the subject of cosmeceuticals such as Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash, however the US FDA must surely know that vast amounts of such products are sold in a manner not befitting therapeutic potential.

Additional information:

"Executives at San Jose-based Jan Marini Skin Research said Monday they are voluntarily suspending sales of two of their most popular cosmetic products to avoid potential trouble with federal regulators and a company that has sued them over a patent dispute."

Refer — San Jose company will take 2 cosmetics off shelves and Healthcare Education Campaign Expanded - What FDA-approval Really Means.

17/1/08 — Executive Summary: Orange County Business Journal.

20/1/08 — Eyelash product in regulatory minefield.

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