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A Fool's Pursuit: Counterfeit and Grey/Black Market Cosmetics and Skin Care

A Fool's Pursuit: Counterfeit and Grey/Black Market Cosmetics and Skin Care

Increasing numbers of people have requested we verify the authenticity of dubiously sourced skin care products, and even provide support for their use.

Determining the role and effectiveness of reliably produced and supplied skin care is hard work enough without the palaver of individuals who don't realise that any one or more of low quality, price or trust is plainly incongruous with high, or even average, quality.

In deliberately seeking out low quality product, or purportedly high quality product with errant supply, skin care and cosmetic users secure an inferior outcome for themselves by dealing with unprofessional, short-sighted, incompetent and sometimes criminal businesses or individuals.

Endemic unprofessional supply of any product indicates a degree of widespread corruption.

If users accept unprofessional conduct they are partially complicit in this corruption and the lack of genuine value it affords them.

Without doubt the flagrant lack of overall quality and the deplorable marketing of some cosmetic products, such as Hylexin, Strivectin and Trivstin, plays a role in consumers regarding counterfeit, grey and black market products as suitable.

When an individual purchases or is given a counterfeit skin care product or cosmetic they are in fleeting possession of a marketing ideal, and not the physical result that product's message should entail.

Grey and black market cosmetics (products which have been repackaged, expired, stolen or otherwise supplied outside of regulated channels) exist in a similar 'unreal' space.

These products should be an anathema to end users and professionals because their existence necessitates divesting pristine products of the very properties which give them their original, manifest value.

Important properties you no doubt would like to expect, such as:

  • authenticity;
  • sanitary, previously unopened product;
  • correct storage up to the point of final supply;
  • support, in all its facets, to maximise the time and effort you put into using something, or to ensure its initial suitability;
  • managed and detailed, consistent care over time.

Many counterfeits are easy to spot — adorned with spelling mistakes and flimsy packaging, they reveal the mindlessness behind their production.

Others, including counterfeit Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash and La Prairie Cellular Defense Shield can present a real conundrum for almost anyone.

Online, small overseas businesses appearing to stock ludicrously large collections of contradictory discounted merchandise (typically only sourced once ordered) and auction sites such as Ebay, are where you will most likely find counterfeit and grey or black market cosmetics.

Offline, you should be wary about small mixed businesses and discount warehouses retailing professional or luxury skin care products, cosmetics and perfumes.

Recent Counterfeit Skin Care and Fraud Events:

  • 4,000 counterfeit Lancome lipsticks seized by customs in Sydney;
  • Melbourne masseur and beauty therapist pled guilty to fraud, involving the Decleor and Gernetic trademarks (Melbourne Magistrates' Court of VIctoria, Case No: R01173709).
  • $10 million in counterfeit Shisheido cosmetics seized, with examples from almost the entire product range;
  • News that around 200,000 Chinese die annually due to both deliberate and unknowing consumption of counterfeit medications;
  • Revelations that some terrorist organisations are partially funded through counterfeit sales.

Keep in mind the following:

  • You only get two eyes, and one skin.
  • Manufacturers have no legal duty of responsibility or support for products which aren't actually their own.
  • Some products may appear legitimate, even when they're not.

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