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Prevage MD (1% Idebenone) Antioxidant Product

Suitability, performance and superiority of this product against other options are only guaranteed when prescribed.

Prevage MD (1% Idebenone) Antioxidant Product

Prevage MD Anti-Aging Treatment by Allergan is an innovative new antioxidant-powered, anti-aging treatment formulated by dermatologists and leading cosmetic researchers.

Prevage MD contains the antioxidant 1% idebenone (hydroxydecyl ubiquinone) in addition to green tea, and the moisturizers cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, glycerin, sodium PCA, sodium hyaluronate and urea.

Designed for long term use and long-lasting results, Prevage MD prevents and helps repair sun damaged skin.

Suitable for use with other antioxidants, moisturizers, sunscreens, makeup and retinoids.

Prevage MD is oil free.

Prevage MD contains 1% idebenone (the highest percentage available), superior to Co-Enzyme Q10 and distinct from "Prevage" by Elizabeth Arden and "Idebenone Superceutical" by Priori.

Note: To order Prevage MD, you must either be a patient or customer with a skincare history documented with Melbourne Dermatology. This product is only supplied where we deem use to be appropriate. There are no exceptions to these terms of ordering. To order, please contact reception.

A current account is required to reorder this product. Login to reorder.

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