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RevaleSkin Day Cream SPF 15

Suitability, performance and superiority of this product against other options are only guaranteed when prescribed.

RevaleSkin Day Cream SPF 15

From Stiefel Laboratories, Revaléskin is the first skin care line to use high concentrations of "CoffeeBerry", a proprietary combination of standardized concentrations of a broad spectrum of polyphenols — including ferulic, caffeic, vanillic and chlorogenic acids, also common to Heliocare — substances which when applied to skin have photoprotective (anti-photoaging) and skin-lightening effects which help even skin tone and reduce forms of hyperpigmentation including freckles and dark marks left by old acne lesions (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation).

CoffeeBerry is also a powerful antioxidant (derived from the fruit of the coffee plant, in contradistinction to the popular coffee bean contained within the fruit) and may help prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging in combination with other measures.

RevaleSkin CoffeeBerry Day Cream SPF 15 contains sunscreens suited to daily facial use aimed at preventing the appearance of aging, although not for protection against prolonged or direct exposure.

The non-greasy and optically sheer moisturizing formula helps diffuse the light which strikes wrinkles (using colourless silica) and leaves "normal to dry" skin smooth and comfortable all day.

In menopausal skin, in the absence of HRT, the product's high soy isoflavone content may also help stimulate collagen production and improve elastin and dermal hyaluronic acid to reduce the depth of wrinkles and increase skin firmness, making it a viable alternative since Jan Marini Age Intervention Serum and Cream — which contained actual steroid — were prohibited from sale in Australia.

Some evidence also suggests that topical soy isoflavones may be more effective antioxidants than Vitamins C and E, although the three may be used together (preferably not formulated together) or in alternation.

RevaleSkin Day Cream SPF 15 contains oxidoreductases and the following moisturizers and cosmetic skin texture correctors: silica, sodium hyaluronate, trehalose, glycosphingolipids and cholesterol.

RevaleSkin Day Cream SPF 15 can assist in reducing/preventing erythema from retinoids.

RevaleSkin Day Cream may be used after the RevaleSkin Facial Cleanser (or any other suitable facial cleanser) and complemented by night-time use of RevaleSkin Night Cream, which is suitable for application after retinoids.

Patients typically report a mild but persistent tonic and firming effect from the third week of use. Reduced appearance of visibly open pores in mature, dry skin is frequently reported as one of the most pleasing and unexpected effects. A gentle overall exfoliating effect (suited to "sensitive skin" insofar as burning and erythema do not occur as they are generally prone to with glycolic acid) also appears evident. Unlike the majority of dermatological antioxidants, there are no frequent reports of contact dermatitis. The product is not harmful but not of any unique benefit and can add to the unwanted shine of those with very oily or acne-prone skin.

Fragrance-free (although the Coffeeberry ingredient possesses a distinct natural scent).

Also available within the Revaleskin Coffeeberry Kit.

Note: SPF regulation and numbers differ by region. US SPF figures are quoted.

Please Note: in case of broken capillaries, the preferred sunscreen is Melbourne Dermatology Broken Capillaries Sunscreen SPF 30+.

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