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Smokers have put themselves in a position far worse than those who choose to tan by oxidation at solariums, such as those franchised by Body Bronze.

In 2001, 44,978 person-years of life were lost to lung cancer.

Approximately 50% of smokers will ultimately die as a direct or indirect result of having chosen to smoke.

Smoking and Aging

Cigarette smoking causes biochemical changes in our bodies that accelerate aging.

Smoking constricts blood vessels, reducing blood flow to your skin.

Reduced blood flow means less oxygen and fewer essential nutrients are delivered to your skin’s cells.

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Smoking and Skin — Effects and Short/Long-Term Outcomes

Cigarette advertising has suggested its addicts possess an abundance of style, sophistication and discernment to encourage and protect their habit. In reality, smoking and skin are enemies and the effects of smoke chemicals are an all-round ticket to a poorer quality, shorter life.

Video: Eva Gabor, Camel Advertisement, c. 1950s. Requires Apple Quicktime/iTunes to be installed.

Smoking is critical in damaging cells and tissues.

Every puff of cigarette smoke contains enough free radicals for a "free radical hit" to every cell of the body.

Smoking and looking to have physically healthy skin for your age?

There's really no chance.

Little chance today, and absolutely no chance tomorrow.

Smoking is approximately as damaging as daily sun exposure without complete photoprotection.

There is some argument that it is even more damaging due to the photo-toxicity of smoke on skin and because smoke chemicals damage the dermis at a level even deeper than UVA rays.

Either way, those who smoke and aren't utterly photoprotected can typically expect a real intensification of the main signs of premature skin aging over and above non-smokers with a history of less perfect photoprotection.

Individuals who smoke, even while in their twenties, almost always have markedly more prominent and permanent wrinkling than their non-smoking peers.

How much more prominent? It doesn't take Visia — a cosmetic dermatologist can often spot smoker's skin from across a room.

The effect of smoking on skin is impossible to counteract entirely with even the most expertly constructed dermatological skin treatment regime, followed with flawless dedication and attention to fine detail.

So how effective are the usual beauty salon approaches to smoker's skin? The group here recommend that they're less effective than makeup.

All the oxygen skin care in the world won't breathe new life into a complexion facing an incessant fight for lean resources.

Possession of a rare genetic predisposition to ward off premature skin deterioration probably represents the best protection.

"Best" in the same sense that Russian Roulette is safer with one bullet rather than two.

The components of cigarette smoke (detailed in brief on the side of cigarette packets) are known to degrade elastic fibres of the dermis — responsible for your skin's firmness, the support of your features and the maintenance of a plump, naturally moist complexion.

They do this with such great affinity and immediate effect as if to be purpose-made for the task.

Make no mistake, smoke chemicals are active, permanent skin-slackening agents. They work comprehensively, and they're stronger than anything skin care has to offer.

They act topically, by irritating the epidermis as smoke flows over it, depositing toxic materials; and systemically on the dermis via the bloodstream.

Smoke chemicals affect your skin's genomic DNA.

Emphysema is related to this kind of smoke-induced wrinkling as elastic fibres in the reticular dermis of the lungs are similarly affected.

Smoking and skin do not get along well. Short and long-term effects are a hopeless hinderance to desirable appearance, and moreover smoking ensures reduced quality of life by negatively affecting every bodily system.

Further (External) Information:

From BBC Health in 2000, Smoking Triples Skin Cancer Risk; The University of Florida reveals the same.

From 2007, a University of Michigan's Health System study finds that portions of smoker's skin which haven't been routinely exposed to the sun (for example buttock and breast skin) are nevertheless prematurely aged.

From the Mayo Clinic, an answer regarding smoking and skin wrinkling answered by dermatologist Dr. Lawrence Gibson.

Quit Australia's brief summary of smoking's effects on skin, including notes on texture and squamous cell carcinoma (skin cancer).

The Skin Cancer Foundation's Dr. Robert H. Gotkin answers concerns about skin healing, post-surgery.

Also refer Effects of cigarette smoking on the skin of women in the Journal of Dermatological Science, Volume 42, Issue 3, Pages 259-261.

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Smoking Causes Premature Skin Aging

Smoking Causes Premature Skin Aging — Smoker's Hand

Smoking tobacco is the most preventable cause of morbidity and is responsible for more than three million deaths a year worldwide.

In addition to a strong association with a number of systemic diseases, smoking is also associated with many dermatological conditions, including poor wound healing, premature skin aging, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, oral cancer, acne, psoriasis, and hair loss.

This review focuses on the effects of smoking on premature skin aging.

It has been long established that smoking has deleterious effects on skin.

Epidemiological studies indicate that smoking is an important environmental factor in premature skin aging.

In vitro studies indicate that tobacco smoke extract impairs the production of collagen and increases the production of tropoelastin and matrix metalloproteinases (MMP), which degrade matrix proteins, and also causes an abnormal production of elastosis material.

Smoking increases MMP levels, which leads to the degradation of collagen, elastic fibers, and proteoglycans, suggesting an imbalance between biosynthesis and degradation in dermal connective tissue metabolism.

Reactive oxygen species are also involved in tobacco smoke-induced premature skin aging.

Scavengers of reactive oxygen species ameliorate the induction of MMP.

Tobacco smoke extract also impacts dermal connective tissue in nude mice.

Thus, in vitro and in vivo evidence indicates that smoking tobacco leads to accelerated aging of the skin.

These findings might be useful to motivate those patients who are more concerned about their appearance than the potential internal damage associated with smoking to stop smoking.

From The Journal of Dermatological Science, Volume 48, Issue 3, Pages 169-175 (December 2007) by Akimichi Morita.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Smoking and Mental Illness: Interconnected Effects on The Brain, The Mind and The Skin

A Lucky Strike Oxidizes by Burning.

Three strikes and you're out. Still from a television or cinema advertisement c. 1950s — A Lucky Strike Cigarette self-immolates and rapidly oxidizes by burning and combining with oxygen to the tune "for smoking that you're bound to like... you just can't beat a Lucky Strike."

The National Mental Health Charity Sane Australia revealed today (11/12/07) that 40% of individuals who smoke have a mental illness, and that 90% of individuals with schizophrenia are smokers.

The information suggests that smoking is fundamentally either or both a self-prescribed therapeutically unregulated off-label treatment for mental illness symptoms, or a substance which (when burnt and inhaled) produces/encourages mental illness.

This isn't surprising because smoking is the most preventable cause of morbidity in general, owing to its terrible whole-body effects, which reach into and stressfully deplete every organ, from the lungs to the skin and brain.

Brain scans of patients with mental illness reveal free radical damage to the brain, signifying cumulative damage attributable to inflammatory processes which destroy the physical basis behind pristine thought processes and encourage the mindlessness required to sustain positive identification as a smoker.

The figures also point to increasing physical marginalisation of smokers, because healthy society at large no longer tolerates indoor (or around-door) smoking, reflecting the symptoms of isolation and withdrawal individuals with mental illness experience.

Access Economics was commissioned for the research and found the total financial cost of smoking by people living with a mental illness is $33 billion a year, including costs of treatment for related illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, as well as loss of productivity.

Smoking also causes premature skin aging in a manner roughly commensurate with UV exposure, involving harmful visible processes in both the short and long term.

Smoking is also associated with many highly unattractive dermatological conditions, including poor wound healing, premature skin aging, squamous cell carcinoma, melanoma, yellowed and waxy skin, open pores, oral cancer, acne, psoriasis, and hair loss.

Although smokers sometimes complain about the high cost of cigarettes, annual tobacco tax in Australia is only in the order of $7 billion a year — around a fifth of what would be required to neutralise, at least financially, the harm smoking wreaks on the health and enjoyment of living in Australian society.

Such the true monetary cost of a single packet of cigarettes is in the order of thirty dollars.

"Friends... smoke only Camels for thirty days."

As long as you fuel a smoking habit — only made possible by the adulteration of tobacco by addictive nicotine, a substance intended to secure ongoing sales of insidious products no one in their right mind would choose to buy over and over again — you add momentum to the train wreck it invariably produces.

The time to quit smoking is always yesterday.

Smoking accelerates death by initiating and sustaining premature oxidative/unclean burning processes throughout every organ of the entire body.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Photoprotected Smoker's Skin

Smoking is thought to be even more skin-damaging than extensive sun exposure, so what's the outcome when photoprotection meets smoker's skin?

Dr. Yolanda R. Helfrich and colleagues have tested 82 men and women aged 22 to 91 years, and found that photoprotected smoker's skin is readily identifiable and the degree of premature (technically unnecessary) aging — dependent on a smoker's age and the number of cigarettes they smoke each day — is able to be measured.

Implicit in this is the fact that smoking's effects readily damage skin which isn't exposed to light.

"Among the people in the study who were current or former smokers, they had smoked an average of about 24 years. In all, among participants who were 45 years or older, the degree of skin aging was found to be significantly higher in smokers than nonsmokers.

In the 45-65 age group, smokers had an average score on the photonumeric scale of more than two, while nonsmokers had an average score of less than one. In the 65 and older age group, smokers had an average score of about six, while nonsmokers had an average score of approximately four."

The scale referenced above measured fine wrinkling on a scale of zero to eight, where zero indicates no wrinkling and eight indicates severe fine wrinkling.

According to this study, protected mature age smoker's skin is twice as damaged as non-smoker's skin in earlier years, and continues to appear significantly more damaged as time passes, although the difference becomes less marked.

This lends some credence to the notion that smoking while younger, when your skin is naturally better reserved, has a readily observable effect, no matter what skin care or methods you employ.

Without exception, smoking also greatly reduces the effectiveness of better skin care products. So much so, that none of the product descriptions for brands such as Jan Marini, Skinceuticals, IS Clinical and Gernetic remain accurate for people whom smoke.

Firmness, tone and colouring of aging body skin can be progressively restored using one of the following:

The referenced study was supported by grants from the Babcock Endowment for Dermatologic Research and the National Institutes of Health.

Refer: Archives of Dermatology, 2007; 143:397-402.

Additional Information:

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Smoking and Skin Microcirculation

The body's blood clotting system and microcirculation in general are very sensitive to small amounts of tobacco smoke.

Even small exposure — directly through inhalation or passively, by environmental exposure, produces a large effect because tobacco smoke's mechanisms are the same whether it is willfully inhaled or not.

Monday, 31 March 2008

Effect of Smoking on Hands (Hand Skin)

Smoke chemicals are active, permanent skin-slackening agents.

They work comprehensively, and they're stronger than anything skin care has to offer.

They act topically, by irritating the hand's epidermis as smoke flows over it, depositing toxic materials; and systemically on the hand's dermis via the bloodstream.

Refer Smoking and Skin — Effects and Short/Long-Term Outcomes.

Overview the Example Reparative Protocol for Dry and Aging Hands.

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