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Anti-Aging Sunscreen Reminders

Anti-Aging Sunscreen Reminders  Anti-Aging Sunscreen Reminders

Healthy vs. Unhealthy CollagenCollagen is one of the skin's major components protected by sunscreen.

While an increasing number of people are using sunscreens with the aim of preventing and reducing aging, unfortunately next to none do so in a manner which results in obvious clinical improvement.

Patients on good sunscreen regimens also have a tendency to lapse for months at a time, negating underlying positive changes before they are outwardly visible.

Follow these points to achieve major, permanent skincare success with sunscreens:

  • think daily without fail and long term — liken sunscreen for skin as fluoride for teeth, and not as just a beach or hot-weather product for occasional use;

  • if sunscreen is the only therapy used, don't expect much outwardly visible improvement for 8-12 months in the beginning;

  • apply even if indoors or making short tripsUVA penetrates glass and incremental exposure adds up;

  • use enough — the correct amount to ensure you reach the stated SPF is one teaspoon for the area the size of the face and neck (a 100g tube should last about 20 days);

  • apply correctly — cover all exposed areas to ensure even results: face, neck (all around), ears and hands;

  • for routine daily use, only use sunscreens containing Mexoryl or Zinc — with few exceptions, other sunscreens lose UVA protection within 30-60 minutes (as SPF only pertains to UVB and UVA protection isn't regulated in many regions, you must look for these ingredients);

  • for routine daily use, avoid heavy and greasy sunscreens — they don't come off completely at the end of the day, inhibiting absorption of evening skincare or requiring deleterious cleansing;

  • because no one sunscreen is perfect as yet, the "gold standard" in daily protection is a Mexoryl sunscreen underneath Zinc.

To bolster your sunscreen, you can also apply an antioxidant underneath during the day and a retinoid overnight (although retinoids initially make the skin more light-sensitive, they ultimately strengthen the skin's daytime response to light).

Anti-Aging Sunscreen Reminders

La Roche-Posay Anthelios SX is an excellent non-whitening, hypoallergenic sunscreen with a low chemical sunscreen content (14% vs. approximately 35% for a non-Mexoryl sunscreen) despite providing day-long UVA protection, making it ideal for once-daily use. Daily optimal use amounts to around $1.50/day. As a source of zinc oxide, Colorescience Sunforgettable may be brushed over the top for ultimate protection. Cotz is another alternative (used in smaller amounts).

Anti-Aging Sunscreen Reminders with Mexoryl

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