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Water-Resistant Sunscreens

Skinceuticals Water Resistant Sport UV Defense SPF 45

Skinceuticals Water Resistant Sport UV Defense SPF 45

Provides protection against skin cancer and photoaging, as per Skinceuticals Daily Sun Defense SPF 20 and Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30, with greater protection against burning and water-resistance.

An excellent and especially elegant sunscreen for outdoor activities, including swimming and water-sports.

Applies quickly and easily and stays in place to avoid eye irritation.

The chemical sunscreen component is encapsulated to avoid allergy and sensitization.

For high-altitude photoprotection, use Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30 instead.

Skinceuticals Sport UV Defense Instructions for Use

Apply generously every 80 minutes or after excess perspiration or towel-drying.

Skinceuticals Sport UV Defense Advanced Instructions for Use

Skinceuticals C E Ferulic provides additional photoprotection if applied underneath the sunscreen, and will not wash, wear or rub off for several days once absorbed.

Skinceuticals Sport UV Defense Notes on Extended Use

The sunscreen is suitable for non-greasy, longer-wearing photoprotection of the hands (particularly if applied over Skinceuticals C E Ferulic) if used on a daily basis.

Skinceuticals Sport UV Defense Contraindications to Use

Do not use this sunscreen facially on a daily basis if you do not actually require its water-resistance.

The chemical sunscreen component is encapsulated to avoid allergy and prevent progressive skin sensitization.

Skinceuticals Sport UV Defense Further Information

Refer the discussion and information surrounding photoaging, photoprotection and sunscreens.

Inform your use in conjunction with the clinical documents A Comparison of 33 Sunscreens and A Year of Photoprotection.

Note: SPF regulation and numbers differ by region. US SPF figures are quoted.

Please Note: in case of broken capillaries, the preferred sunscreen is Melbourne Dermatology Broken Capillaries Sunscreen SPF 30+.

Please note: Skinceuticals is available for online order by customers in the United States only. This product ships from the United States. Australian patients can re-order select Skinceuticals products for delivery within Australia in accordance with their prescription by logging in.

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Jan Marini Antioxidant Water-Resistant Body Block SPF 30

Jan Marini Antioxidant Water-Resistant Body Block SPF 30

Jan Marini Skin Research Body Block SPF 30 incorporates the most advanced sunblocking substances.

SPF 30 Body Block is one of the few sunscreens for the body to contain Parsol (avobenzone) to block aging and carcinogenic UVA rays.

Typically, body sunscreens only provide protection against burning and tanning UVB rays.

Body Block also incorporates the most advanced waterproofing agents to ensure 80 minutes of protection under water or through perspiration.

The oil-free matte finish formula conditions body skin and increases the skin's moisture content with the peerless hydrating benefit of hyaluronic acid.

Consistent daily use aids in preventing skin aging associated with cumulative sun exposure.

Jan Marini Waterproof Body Block is excellent, easy-to-use anti-aging care for daily hand use.

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